An exciting community energy project is being developed in the Barossa Valley.

Solar Harvest Community Energy Co-operative will be arriving very soon! Our plan is that the new Co-operative will be funded by local community members, owned by them and will supply renewable energy systems for local businesses.

The initial plan is to install solar panels on the roofs of local organisations, and sell the energy generated directly to those organisations.

The funds needed to purchase the solar panels will be raised from the community, and investors will receive their contribution back over a number of years, with interest.

This project will have many economic and environmental benefits for our community:

·Local businesses with solar installed will benefit from lower power costs

· The co-operative members will have their say in the way the co-operative runs and we anticipate they will receive a modest financial return on their investment in co-operative shares.

· The production of clean energy will have a positive impact in our environment. The solar systems will replace carbon-intensive energy sources and reduce global warming emissions.