A big step forward was made in the last few months with the creation of our logo thanks to the work of talented Nuriootpa High School student, Ryan Noack and the support of his teacher, Jasmine Centenera.  Solar Harvest sought assistance to develop a logo by inviting students with an interest in art and design to enter a design competition. We wanted to develop a clearly identifiable and visually distinctive identity in order to attract members and projects.  The Year 10 Design class at Nuriootpa High entered designs into the competition and Ryan Noack was recently announced as the winner.

We would like to thank all the Year 10 Design class for the work they prepared for our logo design competition.  We are very appreciative of the effort that the students made. 

The Co-op selected the design created by Ryan because we felt the sketch style of his design represented the inclusive and open nature of a co-operative. It was also visually appealing and creates a clear, distinct identity that a broad range of people would connect with and read as related to solar energy.

By its nature a co-operative is about connecting like-minded people to collectively make positive change.  The work from the Nuriootpa High students is a part of this and enables the co-op to communicate to others who they are and what they do.