Eight people started it all when we met together in a lounge room in Nuriootpa in December 2017.  After 47 meetings we are close to achieving our goal: to be registered as a Community Energy Co-operative.

During this time we have consulted with interstate co-operatives and local energy advisors and participated in a Co-operative Incubator Programme that helped us towards our goal.  The RDA Barossa Gawler Light Adelaide Plains offered significant advice and help in the early stages.

Rules (our Constitution), a Disclosure Statement that outlines our Business Plan and the projected Financial incomes and expenditures, a web site, mailing list, processes for book-keeping and membership records and Privacy issues have all been worked on – and now we sit and wait for the Registrar for Co-operatives to give us the go-ahead for the next and final stage. This should happen within the next few days.

Once we have approval – then we can hold our Formation Meeting, approve the Rules and Disclosure Statement, appoint Directors and receive applications for membership.  And then its back to the Registrar for the final approval.  Then, and only then, will we be able to offer shares to prospective Members. 

After that –  what will happen?  Once Registered, we anticipate a growing interest from those who are keen to see renewable energy solutions rolled out across our region.  We will be an organisation supported by local people and working for local people. We want to be seen as a trusted advisor and provider of renewable energy resources across the Barossa, Gawler, Light and Adelaide Plains Council areas.

We might just make it before the end of the year, but whether we do or not, it will be in 2020 that we will begin to make a difference for small and medium size businesses and community organisations.